Python Web Application Developer

WildFoundry is seeking a senior Python web application developer on a 8 month contract to help us with the launch of a number of soon to launch projects.

8 Month Contract   Oxford, UK (Remote)

Our web application runs on a combination of Python, twisted and django, and we’re really pushing the boundaries of what we can do with all of them. You will be challenged. You’ll be playing with everything from Amazon and Linode services to embedded PCs, and a bunch of new web technologies. You’ll be writing daemons, UI for django apps, code for embedded systems, websockets.

We are seeking a top calibre developer well regarded in the community. If you’ve contributed code to OSS apps, written books on Python, or have just built something awesome, be sure to mention it when applying. We have new requirements coming on steam almost every other week and thus it’s likely excellent devs will see their contracts extended further.

This is an unbeatable opportunity to work from home, earn excellent rates and join in with greenfield projects before launch day. We’re not office people (Costa is about as close as it gets), and we don’t do suits. We do need someone with whom we can thrash out ideas face to face over coffee, which means we do need someone already in the UK (London or Oxford is ideal), but you would be expected to work from your home or own office most of the time.`


  • Excellent Python developer (5+ years)
  • Familiarity with web protocols (HTTP, websockets)
  • Familiarity with Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, JSON
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Also no suits

We Have Great Benefits!

WildFoundry offers premium rates, the ability to working from home, flexible hours and a no suit policy!

How to Apply

Please send CV and contact details to Elliot Mackenzie via email to python-dev@wildfoundry.com. NO Recruiters please.

Apply Now

If you’re a top calibre developer well regarded in the community, we’d love to hear from you!

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